Reflections – Regarding my 2 portfolios

Perhaps it’ll be noteworthy for the readers that I currently manage 2 portfolios: personal and shared. My personal portfolio is self-explanatory but my shared portfolio is an equity portfolio with money pooled from my family.

Thus far on this blog, I have been posting monthly updates for my shared portfolio but not my personal portfolio. However, I realise that if I want to document my experiences and learning points for my investing journey (hence the name of this site), I should also include my reflections and thesis for my personal portfolio.

Hence, from this day on, I shall include my reflections for both my shared and my personal portfolio.

At this juncture, it might also be good to introduce my investing goals for each portfolio. (This segment will be posted onto my Information page as well!)

I am 23 years old (2018) studying in a local (Singapore) University. As I still have a long time horizon on my investments, I intend to have most of my savings invested in growth oriented wealth creation. My portion in the shared portfolio (that I manage) helps me achieve this goal since that portfolio is tailored for more growth oriented stocks. However, I am strongly risk averse and would like to have some stability in my portfolio, which is why I tailored my personal portfolio for safer dividend paying stocks. Note that it is likely that there would be many overlaps of stock choices between both portfolios.


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