Monthly Update – May 2018

Shared Portfolio (@ first Sunday of June 2018):

May2018 Portfolio.jpg
Note that the actual Dividends values are subject to changes by management

Sold: STAG, OHI, LTC, Realty Income

Bought: SingTel

Dividends Collected (this month): SGD $67.34 (based on exchange rate 1.3366, USD50.38)


  1. Note that given my investment strategy, the actual day-to-day fluctations of stock prices have little impact on the value of the portfolio. Instead, I urge that you focus more on the dividends received as a measure of the performance of the portfolio.
  2. I intend to move away from international shares and towards local shares instead (due to high proportion of income being paid to custodian costs of international shares).
  3. I intend to accumulate more shares of SingTel at a suitable price.
  4. I intend to put some of my floating funds into bonds (mainly the SSB).

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