Monthly Update – June 2018

Shared Portfolio (@ first Sunday of July 2018):

Note that the actual Dividends values are subject to changes by management

Sold: Enbridge Inc

Bought: SingTel, CapitaLand Mall Trust

Dividends Collected (this month): SGD $37.78

Portfolio Commentary:

  • The portfolio is inching towards the goal of reducing floating funds to less than 10% of the total asset value.
  • I’ve sold off all the minor holdings of US shares in my portfolio. The reason is that the returns did not justify the fees for holding these international stocks, especially when the holdings were very minor but the fees were charged on a flat fee basis. (Although these sales provided a minor positive return, these returns are insignificant in the long term and I urge you to focus on the sustainable dividend returns of the portfolio)
  • Falling share prices has led to great opportunities to accumulate great companies at cheap prices. I will continue to focus on long term prospects of companies whilst taking advantage of short term volatility to bag bargains.
  • The volatility of share prices for Alibaba and Tencent are making me very uncomfortable. On hindsight, I should have done my own research before buying into these stocks. Currently, although they both still look to be great companies (based on the limited knowledge I have about both companies), I am thinking of divesting them when I see a better opportunity else where.
  • My current approach to share valuations is simply comparing P/E ratios and P/B ratios to their historical, competitors’, and benchmark values.
  • For the month of July, I will (1) continue reading about Ascendas REIT, (2) start looking for other opportunities [at least 1 besides Ascendas REIT]
  • My long term goals for the portfolio are (1) to be fully invested [max 5% in floating funds], (2) to achieve and sustain a 8% annual returns from dividends alone

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