Investment Objective: To provide a safe and stable passive income stream for my family, both to fund my parents’ retirement and to achieve financial freedom for myself.

Timeframe: Very long term (20+ years).

Investment Strategy: I employ an Income Investing strategy targeting blue chip dividend-paying stocks listed in SGX. Fixed Income securities are a consideration in future.

Risk Management: Disruption of dividends – since dividend payments are not required by law, dividend cuts are possible and disruptive to my passive income stream. To counter this, I will focus on blue chip stocks with a long history of paying out dividends to shareholders.Sustained DPU growth is also preferable.

Personal Note: This site is a personal blog detailing my Investment Thesis and some Reflections on my investment decisions. I will also provide Monthly updates of my portfolio, which will be posted on the first Sunday of each month. Other investing-related news or articles are shared under the Misc category.